Our region is known for its courtesy, good food, and hospitality. In our restaurants, we have combined the best of local and global. At a prime location in our city (RK Boska), we offer you a unique gastronomic experience of international and traditional cuisine delicacies, complemented by a wide range of wines, cocktails, coffee, and other beverages, served in an authentic way. Here you will find everything you need for a perfect atmosphere, in a pleasant environment with friendly staff and top chefs.

In our offer, you will find specialties of Italian, French, and local cuisine. Also, we would like to emphasize our indigenous recipes, made by the creativity and inspiration of our chefs. We perceive the kitchen as a place of magical, mystical events. The dishes that come out of there surprise with their elegance and fullness of taste, simply – perfection on the plate. In order to put all the emphasis only on the food, we have specific ways of serving, which remind our guests that simple is always the best. We are also proud of our network of suppliers, who always deliver us only the freshest ingredients, and greatly shorten the journey from the garden/farm to the table, so you always have what is fresh and of proven quality on your plate. In cooperation with local producers, we have enriched our offer with food and drinks characteristic of our area. Because there is no equal to domestic. A wide range of wines, international and local, cocktails, and other drinks is what we are happy to point out to our new and regular guests.



The word agape (Greek αγαπη) comes from the ancient Greek language and means love. Unconditional, selfless, and all-pervading love. To the Greeks, it meant loving others more than yourself, and an emotion that transcends the earthly. It was customary for dear people to gather around the table, and share food, drink and everything on the table.

Our slogan “Agape – a mouthful of love” sums up our guiding idea. We want you to experience our restaurant as “Your” place to share a mouthful of love with your dear people. On our part, we have dishes prepared with love and emotion, which even the most demanding palate recognizes with every bite.



Agape restaurant is located in the very center of the city of Banja Luka, offering a unique view in the pleasant ambience of our garden. A quality breakfast to start the day, main dishes that will keep you coming back, and delicacies that are our favorite, all complemented by a rich wine and cocktail list. We have set ourselves high goals and we are ready to surprise you with constant improvements and outperform our previous efforts. We offer you catering services, where, together with our chefs, we will create a menu adapted to your needs, choosing the best from our rich offer. Also, we offer the possibility of organizing smaller celebrations, weddings, and other types of gatherings. For every special occasion, our team is at your disposal. We want every “special” day in your life to remain in your memory as perfect because we are here to carry some part of the “burden”.


RADNO VRIJEME: svaki radni dan 8:00-24:00 i subota-nedjelja 8:00-24:00

Trg Krajine Banja Luka

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